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A Service Based Business With An Interesting History

In August 2010, Schulhoff Tool Rental Inc. celebrated its seventy-fifth anniversary. Over Seventy-five years of service and personal dedication to the needs of our customers. Schulhoff’s has undergone many changes and survived some interesting times over the years. We thought you might enjoy knowing how a small (one man) electrical repair shop progressed to a hardware store and evolved into a successful tool renting operation, employing over twenty people.

With faith in God, a dream and the grand sum of thirty-five dollars in his pocket young Mr. George E. Schulhoff started a small electrical repair business, August 05, 1935. Located in the rear of a building at 2812 Woodburn Avenue, Mr. Schulhoff started his

tiny business in a tiny room (10'X12'). The room may have been small but his ideas were growing and so one year later in August 1935 Mr. Schulhoff moved his shop to its present location at 2709 Woodburn.

During the thirties and forties, the business gradually shifted from an electrical repair shop to a general hardware store. But in the fifties, armed with a new idea, Mr. Schulhoff gradually replaced hardware with tools that you could rent. His customer's requests indicated which tools were most needed. Prompt, cheerful customer service was the key to his success. The tool rental business became a reality... Click Here to Learn More!